Big John the talking fire engine Fire Saftey Program

Your child can attended a fire safety program with “Big John” the talking fire engine. Big John is a 1981 Crown Fire Engine that was Purchased from the Huntington Beach Fire Department in 2005. The engine is named after and dedicated to the wishes of Monsignor John Sammon, Fire Service Chaplain for over 60 years. “Big John’s” voice was donated by Thurol Ravenscroft (the legendary voice of Tony-the-Tiger).

As ” Big John” talks about fire safety to the children he “cries” real water from his headlights because he is sad when children are injured by fire and he “smiles and waves” by his light bar lighting up because the children are learning to be fire safe. The engine’s program is interactive soliciting children’s answers to questions such as; “Do you know what number to call when there’s an emergency at your house?” There is a pause for the children to answer and then “Big John” responds with, “That’s right, boys and girls!”

The firefighter conducting the program expands the curriculum further by talking about Stop, Drop and Roll, caution about playing with matches, lighters or cigarettes, crawling low under fire, how a smoke alarm sounds, how to dial 9-1-1 and what “Big John’s” equipment looks and sounds like. Children are allowed up on the fire engine to explore, feel comfortable, put on equipment and ask questions. Parent attendance is encouraged and welcome.


Program totals from January through September, 2016

Anaheim 6 167
Costa Mesa 5 140
Fullerton 2 55
Garden Grove 10 248
Huntington Beach 12 280
Irvine 6 169
Lake Forest 2 35
Mission Viejo 5 138
Newport Beach 3 74
Orange 4 102
Rancho Santa Margarita 3 87
Santa Ana 4 120
Westminster 5 116
Yorba Linda 3 53
TOTALS 74 1844