During this fire season, the Orange County Fire Services Association is in the process of working with the local businesses in what we consider to be the most important programs. Many of these projects involve the youth in our community. Established in 1913, the purpose of the Association is to educate the public, improve community relations and participate in city projects and activities all aimed at making Orange County a better, safer place to live.

These projects help over 4,000 children in Orange County. Our “Big John” talking fire trucks continuously teach fire safety to children. We also work with and contribute to the UCI Burn Center. These are a few of the many things we participate in. Protecting your business, employees and neighbors from fire is a tough and highly hazardous job. No community ever knows when fire may break out causing injury, destruction and loss of life. This is why we are continuously working with adults and children.

We are overcoming these challenges through education and by sponsoring both youth and adult organizations and programs. Please take a moment to consider the importance of these programs.

The Orange County Fire Services Association is registered as a 501(c)3 Charitable Trust Donations are considered 100% tax-deductible. Federal Tax ID 95-6195085.

Any support you can give will be greatly appreciated!

We thank you for your interest on behalf of The Orange County Fire Services Association

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Orange County Fire Services Association or O.C.F.S.A.

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Randy Marsile

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